3D Galaxy Wars Star Theme

3D Galaxy Wars Star Theme

3D Galaxy Wars Star Theme

Welcome to get 3D Galaxy Wars Star theme! 
You can get 3D Galaxy Wars Star theme from personalized wallpapers, characteristic lock screen and exquisite icon packs! It includes dozens of uniform icons and wallpaper art, with which you can easily personalize your device. All artistic app icons are to give you a distinctively stylized phone for free. It is 3D Galaxy Wars Star theme with 3D Galaxy Wars Star screen wallpaper! Install this 3D Galaxy Wars Star theme right away and feel your new 3D Galaxy Wars Star live wallpaper.
3D Galaxy Wars Star is designed especially for launcher users. Long press to activate the unique set of live interactive effects of each 3D theme. You will be amazed by the endless surprises.

Features of Free 3D Galaxy Wars Star 
To use 3D Galaxy Wars Star, there is no need to root. You can easily protect apps from peepers by hiding them in special folders.
3D Galaxy Wars Star has world leading 3D transition effects on screens and folders, elegant and simple in screen switching and navigation.
majesty screen lock protects your phone from strangers.

Here comes the new vivid neon theme! With majesty 3D Galaxy Wars Star wallpapers and delicate icons, the theme makes your phone more attractive.

3D Galaxy Wars Star includes 3D Galaxy Wars Star wallpapers, neon lock screen, vivid icons, providing majesty experience and so on. 
❤ neon lock screen: once you have set the lock screen, it offers full protection over your privacy, making your phone more secure.
❤ vivid icons: decorate every folder and icon well for you, pretty cool and fashionable.
❤ 3D Galaxy Wars Star elegant interface: 3D effect weather forecast and dynamic 3D clock, these stylize your phone as well.
❤ Theme Center: You can find all kinds of free themes in Center, such as the cool skull or lovely cartoon themes, etc. Additionally, you have a list of cool 3D, Halloween and Christmas audio themes to choose from.
❤ Wallpaper Center: There are various HD and neon dynamic live wallpapers.
❤ After installing 3D Galaxy Wars Star theme, you can set up purple neon vivid majesty keyboard theme, so that your phone will be totally dressed up.

3D Galaxy Wars Star theme supports a variety of Android phone models.

3D Galaxy Wars Star Live Wallpapers’ blinking lights and dynamic effects keep updating continuously over time. You can enjoy
✿ Plenty of different majesty themes.
✿ HD graphics and Open GL.
✿ Optimized battery use.
✿ More than 99% of the mobile phone devices that are compatible.
✿ neon Wallpaper that supports the horizontal screen fully and looks amazing and vivid on the tablet as well as on the phone.
Make the most of your phone with neon wallpapers and advanced features.
Enjoy this free and majesty dynamic wallpaper!

Find 3D Galaxy Wars Star and purple wonders in one of the best wallpapers. The fun is worth trying. Download neon wallpaper for free and enjoy the high resolution wallpapers with surreal parallax effects from all over the world, improved vivid beauty. Also, with purple majesty backgrounds, your Samsung or Huawei phones will be majesty and neon.

Before installing 3D Galaxy Wars Star, you need to install our launcher. Have fun with us!

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